Education and Training

Throughout New York State and the United States, all law enforcement agencies adhere to training standards. Some agencies define their own; others are determined by municipal governments. Regardless of who sets the requirements, each agency is responsible to ensure that all of its officers are trained to the same standards. This consistency in knowledge and quality improves the level of performance of the officers and significantly increases the safety of the officers and the public that they serve.


For: Entry Level Buffalo Special Police Officer

The Buffalo Special Police is an all-volunteer force serving the City of Buffalo, New York since 1927.

The Buffalo Special Police will be accepting 60-90 new officers into its organization over the next two years. The Law Enforcement Application can be viewed here.

Interview process to be scheduled.

If you have any questions or comments, or to apply, please use any of the contact options shown below. All communications are responded to as quickly as possible.

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Telephone: 716-545-6269 (Academy Training Office)