A decrease in the Buffalo Police Force, elimination of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Police force, and an increase in quality of life issues in recent years makes the use of the Special Police especially attractive. Common council members see a great need for law enforcement personnel who would walk business districts and targeted areas in neighborhoods, recognizing and reporting trouble to the Buffalo Police Department.

 Common Council – Action Plan 2007-2008

*Support for the Buffalo Special Police*

In an effort to protect the Special Police Officers, the City of Buffalo and residents, the City Charter stipulates guidelines for the Special Police including close oversight and direction by the Police Commissioner and separate insurance. The Common Council encourages the Commissioner of the Police to work closely with the Buffalo Special Police Organization to meet City requirements so that they can soon by working the streets of the City of Buffalo.

Under a joint venture, between Chief Ernie LaPlante and the President of the Benevolent Association David L. Reed, a new leadership was created to pursue a more viable and well trained force. Members from all walks of life came together to aid our community and Police Department where needed with training that is equal to standards currently followed by governed agencies.

As of November 2003 our accomplishments have included  the establishment of a headquarters in a suite of offices housing both BSPBA and BSP operations.

Also a resolution dated February 17th, 2004 was submitted, by the Common Counsel of the City of Buffalo, respectfully requesting the Buffalo Law Department to outline the procedure to restore the Buffalo Special Police to the City Charter. Together we have developed a program of in house training along with MPTC certified academy training that is consistent with current Law Enforcement standards through the Peace Officer Training Academy. We have maintained continuity by utilizing one academy which progresses through different levels of training for our members.

These accomplishments include a six dog K-9 unit, Riot Control unit and about 60 trained as Peace Officers and other academies currently being formed continuously.

While not on patrol all Special Police Supervisors are attending a New York, State certified course in police supervision.