Law Enforcement Division

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Welcome to the Official website of the Buffalo Special Police Law Enforcement Division.

The mission of the Buffalo Special Police is to protect life and property, and to improve the quality of life in the City of Buffalo.

Buffalo Special Police Benevolent Association CHIEFS

David L. Reed
1993 – 2001

Ernie La Plante
2001 – 2009

Theodore Hampton
2009 – Present



Training and Standards Division

Throughout New York State and the United States, all law enforcement agencies adhere to training standards. Some agencies define their own; others are determined by municipal governments. Regardless of who sets the requirements, each agency is responsible to ensure that all of its officers are trained to the same standards. This consistency in knowledge and quality improves the level of performance of the officers and significantly increases the safety of the officers and the public that they serve.

Chief Theodore Hampton, in conjunction with his executive staff, has enacted policy to ensure that all patrol officers meet this “Standard of Uniformity” by requiring that each officer must successfully complete the Basic Course for Peace Officers with Firearms. In addition, each patrol officer is also required to successfully complete the Weapons Other Than Firearms – Baton and Aerosol Subject Restraint – O.C. Spray courses.

You can contact the Training Director by sending an email to:

For information regarding Academy Training, please visit the academy website here:


Administrative Division

The scope of the Administrative Division is to support the Buffalo Special Police organization as a whole. Officers assigned to this division handle many functions, including, but not limited to, financial matters, public relations, record retention, fundraising, and recruitment.


Patrol Division

Since January 2004, the Buffalo Special Police have been approached by most members of the City of Buffalo Common Council with requests for our patrol services on specific streets or neighborhoods during peak times of concern. In order to honor as many requests as possible, we constantly change our patrol routes, dates and times.

If you would like to see Buffalo Special Police officers walking a beat in your area, contact your Councilperson and voice your support for our mission. While we do not have the personnel to honor all commitments at this time, we work very closely with the Common Council to ensure that our resources are utilized to their best potential.

Please rest assured that every Buffalo Special Police officer walking in your neighborhood has successfully passed a rigorous training program, and is present to ensure your safety and to improve the quality of life in the City of Buffalo!